About Us

Located less than a mile from the Blue Licks Battlefield State Park, Hiram & Alliene Allison started their concrete business in the 1960's located at their home on a hillside of "Old 68". They began with just two molds, the traditional Jockey mold and the Normandy flower pot mold. Hiram would pour the Jockeys and Alliene would paint them for their customers. When Hiram died in 1972, their son Don took over the concrete production and Alliene continued to paint. The business continued to grow and they sold both retail and wholesale. When Alliene died in 1998 Don began painting the statuary and continued to paint for many years.

Around 2004 he purchased the US 68 property where our business is currently located. He sent a trailer load of concrete up one weekend and quickly found out it would be a hit. In 2005, the Allison's Concrete location you see today was built and began to grow. The concrete operation grew and the country store began to carry several locally made items as well as old favorites such as the hen and chick pots, glass gazing balls, and our popular spring time hanging baskets. In 2009, Don had a brain injury that paralyzed him and he was unable to continue with the business. It remained in the family however, and still does to this day. The business has grown and changed over the years, two molds has grown into thousands and the store carries a large variety of unique products from the popular Rada Cutlery brand to aluminum lamp posts and everything in between. Our website is currently a small sampling of the variety of gifts we have in our store. Nearly all of the concrete products are still produced and hand painted in Blue Licks and the variety is growing and changing every year. 

Over the years we have had customers from all over the country and even some international customers. We hope if you get the chance you will make your way to the hills of Nicholas County and stop by and see is. We love meeting new people and growing with them through the years. Feel free to give us a call or write us to see what we can do for you. Also follow us on Facebook for the latest news and upcoming events and new products!

Below is an aerial photo of our original location and where we still produce our statues.

Aerial View of our original location.