Frequently Asked Questions 
Q- How long will my finish (paint) last ?
A- After we paint our concrete statuary There is no guarantee as to how long the finish will last, it depends on how much sun, rain and wind the concrete statuary receives. We have many pieces of concrete statuary that have finishes that have lasted for several years.
Q- What do I do if I have algae problems ? 
A- You can use an algaecide/clarifier. You can find this at either one of our locations or any local pool/pond supply store. This can come in the form of liquid or blocks.
Q- What can I use for hard water stains in my fountain ?
A- For hard water we recommend a white scale control product. Hard water is easy to deter but not as easy to fix after the problem has occurred. We strongly recommend that you start using this product when you first purchase your fountain, especially if it is a dark finish. You can find this at either one of our locations or any local pool/pond supply store.
Q- In the winter can I cover my concrete statuary (statues, fountains, birdbaths, etc...) ?
A- We do not recommend that you cover your concrete statuary. As long as you drain any bowls or places water may stand it should be ok. If you must cover your concrete statuary, use a breathable fabric like a canvas tarp. DO NOT cover it with plastic. Plastic acts like a greenhouse, it causes the concrete statuary to sweat during the day and freeze at night. The constant freeze and thaw will deteriorate your concrete statuary over time.
Q- Is it ok to leave my birdbath out all year ?
A- If you are not going to leave water in it for the birds, then you should take the bowl off and lean it against the pedestal so that it doesn't hold water. If water freezes in the bowl it can expand the concrete and cause it to crack. 
Q- Can I put anti-freeze in my bowls ?
A- NO. We strongly recommend no anti-freeze! It is very harmful to animals and humans.
Q- What should I do with my flower pots in the winter ?
A- Before you plant flowers, you should put some rocks in the bottom of your flower pot so the excess water can drain. Also, make sure that your soil is level with the top of the flower pot to keep water from standing and freezing. When water stands and freezes it expands the concrete and can cause it to crack over time.
Q- My deer broke an ear, how do I fix this ?
A- We use Bondo; it is a two part mix. After you mix and apply it, hold in place for about five to ten minutes so it has time to bond. Before it is fully cured, remove excess Bondo with a knife or scraper. Then touch-up with latex paint.
Winter Care
Before winter, all basins need to be drained. Some fountains have a drain hole. Pull the plug that you pump electrical cord feeds through so the water can drain. Clean out any remaining debris from the drain holes. It is always good to check before a hard freeze to make sure the drain hole is clear. If your fountain does not have a drain hole, you can flip the bowl over and leave it leaning against the pedestal or drill a small hole with a masonry bit for drainage. The most important thing is not to let water freeze in your bowls.
It is very important to find the perfect spot to place your concrete statuary. You don't want it to be where road salt or a chemical deicer will get on your concrete statuary. The salt will cause your concrete statuary and finish to deteriorate over time.