Painting Your Statue

Rules for paint


  • Never apply paint when a piece is wet or when the piece is below 50°F
  • Work on piece in dry warm area
  • Wipe all dust-off piece before painting for good finish
  • Apply a “base coat” of paint (we use Sherwin Williams A100 Brand but any exterior latex will work). The base coat should be mixed 50-50 with water. You want this coat to soak into your piece to make it last.
  • On the second coat we recommend 70-30. This coat will be thicker and coat more but will still be able to soak into your piece.
  • Now you are ready for colors! All of your additional colors should be done with undiluted paint (no water). Spend as much time as you want shading and contouring colors until you are satisfied.
  • Leave the piece in a dry place at least over night (cooler temperatures possibly longer) Then it will be time for a sealer. You can purchase the sealer we use or use any clear drying sealer for painted concrete. And you are DONE!