About Us


Allison’s Concrete, located on US 68, in Nicholas County, Kentucky celebrated their 60-year anniversary on Saturday, June 15, 2024, in remembrance of Don Allison.  
Since 1964 the Allison family has been pouring concrete statues in Blue Licks, KY. Hiram Allison began his concrete business with only two molds. He would farm during the day and pour concrete at night. Alliene Allison, Hiram’s wife, would paint the statues. When Hiram passed away in 1972, his son, Don Allison then took over the business. Don would then become the full time painter in the 90s.
In 2004, Don expanded Allison’s Concrete from the home place, where the statues are still poured and painted to this day, to the current retail store on US-68. They began selling trailer loads on the hill while construction for the store was started. In early 2005, work began on what is now their store.  By July 2005, the store would be open to the public and would continue to grow for the next 20 years.
In late July 2009, Don sustained injuries from an accident that left him immobile on one side and unable to continue his work with the store. Thus, bringing in his great nephew, Johnathan Allison, to take over the daily tasks of running the business and painting the statues full time.
Allison’s Concrete is truly a family business with many family members helping to paint, pour, and load concrete throughout the years. David, Don’s nephew and the current owner of Allison’s Concrete, helped pour in the late 80’s and early 90’s before going on to help his father, Jerry, full-time in bulldozing. Jordan Allison, Don’s great nephew, helps out with loading concrete and pouring when needed at the store, while also doing bulldozing full time with his dad, David and grandfather, Jerry. Nancy Allison, Don’s sister-in-law, helped out on painting statues over the years as well.
You can view a very special video about the past 60 years of the statuary business on the Allison’s Concrete Facebook page.